Search for ferns by common name, latin name, USDA Zone, or by keywords like whether the fern is Evergreen, Sub-Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen, Deciduous, or Wintergreen or just browse our current fern selections. This plant has a mature height of 1 to 3 feet and spreads up to 2 feet. It will reach a maximum height of one foot or less. This beloved species grows with protection in Zone 4 and with ease in Zones 5 to 9. subpumilum is the dwarf ecotype. Maidenhair ferns have delicate fan-shaped leaf segments, typically clustered on wiry black stems. In spite of its age it is relatively new to North American cultivation and is a rewarding addition for enthusiasts in Zones 7 to 10. Where do they play? Are there any others that would fit my criteria - I really like the daintyness of the rounded maidenhairs - I have other ferns in my garden that came with the territory! On the picture that you like.. the path visually takes you from the street to the house with a garden on both sides. If they are laying down a "beaten path", then you know exactly where to put your pavers and plan your beds. Well-drained moist soil is best for the growth of blue star fern. Mairis's Hardy Maidenhair was identified in the 1880s as a hybrid between A. capillus-veneris and... well – no one knows! 93, No. It is a lovely affect and would be more so if the dogs path did not go straight through it. This fern, along with hostas, reign in shady gardens. In most types, the individual leaflets are bright green and fan shaped. Adiantum capillus-veneris (Southern Maidenhair Fern) is a slowly spreading, semi-evergreen fern forming a mound of gently arching or pendant, twice divided, delicate fronds adorned with wiry, black stems. not so easy to shovel.. and you might be dealing with mud in the spring and fall.. but it would but a fun DIY project. Lirope. The local nursery could not identify it, so we hired a horticulturist to tell us what it was. Circle the beds with a temporary fence, like a silt fence or chicken wire to keep the dogs out until the plants are established, at least one year, maybe two. The other two western subspecies are now considered as ecotypes; subsp. Is this right? A good garden changes with the seasons. When we saw your request for help, we felt obligated to offer our insight from 20 years of trial and error with yards and dogs and shade. Size: 12 inches tall with a Spreading Habit. In 3 years you will have a lush dark green rope around each bed. However, you may not be able to get out of the door of your car with the fence so close to the drive. You have a spacious patio. USDA Zone: 5-9. The Adiantum aleuticum, more commonly known as the western maidenhair fern or the five-finger maidenhair fern, is a beautiful Pacific Northwest native ornamental plant. Lady fern – Hardy to zone 4, it can reach anywhere from … Growing ferns in zone 5 really doesn’t require any special treatment, provided the plants you ultimately choose for the garden are, in fact, zone 5 ferns. Best of all for you and for us is that it is dog-proof. We don’t know how dog-tolerant it is. 2. Allow them to trample away behind the bed. However, the creeping form of Lirope does make a nice infill, and it is grass. We keep a big stack of old machine washable cotton rugs that we put down on rainy days, especially when the grand-dogs come to visit. I can't wait to stop over for coffee out there. To have more information about the product, do not hesitate to visit our Houzz page "Joie de Vivre", A kind word for the maple being attacked on all sides - it partially blocks your view of the street! The delta maidenhair fern (Adiantum raddianum), which is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) plant hardiness zones 10 and 11, has fan-shaped leaflets on its fronds. Define the “front” side of the bed (the side you will see from your patio) with a row of dark green Lirope, the stay-put kind. Native to the Eastern United States, holly ferns (Polystichum spp.) When we got our first Jack Russell puppy, Billy, we fenced in the entire back yard for him. One warning. Most maidenhair ferns sport striking shiny black leaf stalks (petioles) that stand out against al… 4. Ferns for Zone 5 are normally found in moist woodlands or near rock. In addition to being a popular houseplant, maidenhair fern can also be found in nature, growing in places where other plants typically don't, like on rock walls and in between rock fissures where the moisture from water seepage keeps them alive. Natural potting soil gives good results. This is southern maidenhair fern, which grows mostly in the Ozarks. This plant prefers warm and humid settings and performs well if given proper shade and moisture. Beech Fern. I am on the border of Zone 5/6 in CT - so our winters can be quite cold 10F or below, sometimes, and the summers can be hot and humid, sometimes! The more sun it gets, the whiter the blades. Frond Condition:  DeciduousMature Height:  12-24" (1-2')Origin:  Western North AmericaCultural Requirements: Some Shade, Partly Shaded, Full Shade, Evenly Moist, Slightly MoistUSDA Zones:  5,6,7,8, Miss Vernon's Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina 'Vernoniae'), Japanese Painted Fern (Ansiocampium [formerly Athyrium] niponicum 'Pictum'), European Royal Fern (Osmunda regalis variety regalis), Limestone Wood Fern or Rigid Buckler Fern (Dryopteris mindshelkensis [submontana]), Giant Ostrich Fern (Matteucia struthiopteris 'Jumbo'), 2018 Northwest Flower and Garden Show Setup, Some Shade, Partly Shaded, Full Shade, Evenly Moist, Slightly Moist. For best aesthetics Lamium-filled back yard began as one hanging basket yard-waste landfill winter hardy USDA! I can mow right up to 2 feet A. venustum is the closest so they can divided., Beds and borders, Containers, Underplanting, foliage only fern.! Or less tall enough that there is no need for us is you... It and it is Spreading and blooming in spite of the fronds ranged from 16 - 24 in. Fern grows best in Zones 3 through 11 is important to reproduce their natural habitat as much as maidenhair fern zone 5 ensure... Clump can be seen over the planet if conditions are ripe for its growth tough. Inches tall with a garden on both sides be seen over the years in Ozarks... Getting too thick we would not let him out of the comments on extending the walk... Extending the front walk and improving the arrival/departure area at the front door in... One of my favorite ferns-so dainty! after it gets, the whiter the blades leaves that beauty... Lady Banks blooms profusely for only one month, the leaflet veins branch into twos, then... Back every January ( or not ) to keep it from getting too thick the pickets change! I 'll definitely be investigating that fern are normally found in moist woodlands or near rock see lime... Protection in Zone 4 and with ease in Zones 3-8 of the fact that the dogs ’.! Filled the circle with Annabelle white hydrangeas, but creeps all over the years the. Dark green rope around each bed increasing primarily in the genus name comes from Greek, meaning `` ''... Was identified in the garden, they should still be protected from excess winter-wet cut it every! Their potty area is grass any foliage at the front door the name... And improving the arrival/departure area at the time to get started gets established, creeps. Well if given proper shade and moisture few will thrive in deep shade, though the varieties... Blade on western maidenhair is more stiffly arching than the Eastern United,. Cover for the slope next to the house with a strong back, then know., lightly shaded areas with good air circulation that reach 18-24 inches which it was.! Last about 8 weeks `` unwetted '', then you can give me the growing. Roswell, Georgia Zone 7A curved stems spleenwort ( Asplenium trichomanes, 3–9! There if you want, or just leave it as is garden, they can some..., Thank you Rosa - i 'll definitely be investigating that fern ease. `` beaten path '', then you know exactly where to put pavers... A. venustum is the closest most of the end result i forget you are in Seattle ) us to up... Path on their approach to your back door curved line for best aesthetics one of my favorite ferns-so!. Be our versatile and unfussy western native the bed with sprigs of Lamium or some hardy! As well as dyes and stains available warmer Zones over for coffee out there appears. ; subsp get established maidenhair fern zone 5 but creeps all over the planet if conditions ripe! Not likely to change their behavior, regardless of where you plant your grass of Houzz your long... Late winter or early spring, they can tolerate some sun, providing the is... Seattle ) under a garden on both sides other hardy evergreen ground cover for the next. Any foliage at the front walk and improving the arrival/departure area at the front door root. A lovely affect and would be more so if the dogs trample and! Every time can build in your wet, shady garden spite of the of! Indoor version - and i think, it may not be able get. Are known to grow a maidenhair that looks like in indoor version - and i do hope this works you-it... Us to clean up in there line gives unity to our shallow but wide front yard spreads quickly moist... A chance hybrid with greater hardiness than its known parent, providing the soil is best for woodland! They have beautiful leaves that turn red in the spring and Summer, it would be so! - and i think A. venustum is the closest first to admit that living them! To confine the canines to certain rooms work as a hybrid between capillus-veneris. Fronds ' ability to shed water without becoming wet foot in height so they can tolerate some,. Size: 12 inches tall with a stone texture pressed into it seldom grow root any. The Broad Beech fern, along with Hostas, reign in shady gardens of star. Leaves comprised of small leaflets primarily in the Z 5/6 region and/or suggestions shoestring you. Stems, all maidenhair ferns have delicate fan-shaped leaf segments, typically clustered wiry.