Mine hasn’t even seen a box of factory yet. That’s not from a fear of recoil, as some of you may be thinking. Well, it pretty much goes hand-in-hand with doing a review on a 10mm gun. The first three models will all feature 5” barrels and steel frames with two being single action only, and one traditional double action/single action. Like all of the Legion series pistols, it’s an attractive and well-built gun. That heavier bullet going as fast is going to produce more recoil. I don’t dislike the 10mm as a cartridge. I decided to buy Glocks because I got tired of waiting for S&W to make a 10mm in the M&P line. I don’t care a wit about what this guy like’s or doesn’t like. Almost elk season up here…looking for a slow, tender cow for the freezer. I shot 2 cylinders (10 rounds) max charge of H110 under a 240 gr XTP and I absolutely won’t do it again unless it means I’m not going to get eaten by doing it. Weight: 40oz The P220 … If it wasn’t for the FBI and its pansie agents that couldn’t handle full power 10mm, S&W hadn’t developed the compromise 40 S&W, and people wouldn’t follow law enforcement for gun and ammo selection the 10mm would most likely be more popular than it is today. I’m glad you were able to pull yourself away from the mirror. I own handguns that are substantially more powerful, and my favorite .44 Magnum is the Smith & Wesson Alaska Backpacker IV, which is a super-light revolver. An AIRWEIGHT .44 Magnum? Learn how your comment data is processed. Yes, it’s heavy, but fun and accurate to shoot. probably not .45 or .460rowland. The “Glock” anything will NEVER be comparable to ANY Sig. A buddy has the Smith 610…it is sweet. I have never really been that big of a fan of 10mm. This makes the second 10mm I’ve owned. You saddle up that horse there high speed, not me. I’ve never had sights fall off a gun including the many Glocks I’ve owned in the past. look, brain dead. I really enjoyed my time with it. As per forum suggestion I’m looking in to a 10mm p220. Fun gun with full power ammo. What does that have to do with anything? You don’t care for Sigs. I have S&W M&P’s (6 for an exact number) that have way more rounds down the pipe than that that have never had a malfunction. And no, your +P+++++++++ 45ACP load isn’t as good as 220gr hard cast, no matter how much you think it is. SIG P220 Review. P220 SAO Single Action Only - No decocker/has safety. Frankly, he is an amateur at best. Now the one that gave me pause was the 45-70 Gubmint and one of my newer purchases, the Marlin 1895 Tracker SBL. Kinda’ like me writing an article Gastons Junk Gun, or your mother. .45 ACP +P – 484 ft lb The existence of that single offering is why I don’t own a 10mm. The double-action trigger pull is quite heavy, and you had better train if you plan on taking a shot with it at any distance beyond about five feet. Nobody in my area sells .460 Rowland, not even our great gunshop downtown which has been in business for over 50 years. Josh Wayner for TTAG (Josh Wayner for TTAG). No malfunctions. I just like guns there high speed. A couple of years ago, SIG Sauer announced that the P220 chambered for 10mm would join the Legion family, and I was excited. The new gun grew from a cooperative effort of the Swiss SIG plant and a German maker named J.P. Sauer & Sohn. Yes, I have over 30 Sigs. I live in Alaska and do not carry this in the woods as our bears are large and easily annoyed when you scare her cubs. Extraordinarily accurate, very reliable, and easy to handle and shoot, one of the P220’s cardinal … Recoil wasn’t brutal, but you could definitely tell that you weren’t shooting .45 ACP. So why all this discussion about the 10mm cartridge? “This is a single action only pistol giving it a lighter trigger pull, combined with the increased energy of the 10mm … I’m going to run a 22 lb spring in the Glock 20SF so I can hopefully get similar performance. You’ll throw the GG’s plastic toy away. The 10mm is one of those rounds that is either liked or it’s not. The asinine nature of many of the author’s comments are already well covered. This review is garbage. It is assuredly not. If a 10mm 1911 is what you are after you could do worse than a Dan Wesson. Just like 3.5″ for turkey, you don’t think about recoil when you see what you’re hunting. Roger Ebert said movies should be judged “generically,” meaning that you don’t judge the kind of movie, you don’t say “This is a horror movie and they stink so it’s no good,” because the reader already knows if he doesn’t like horror. The 10mm and the Rowland each have their uses…the Rowland fills my need better than the 10mm. You most definitely can’t understand that I’m sure. When it comes right down to it, I just don’t see that much of a point to it. An old Game Warden once told me to remember DFWTB…Don’t F*** With The Bears…good advice (he carried an -06 or 870 with heavy, magnum slugs in the backcountry…no spray). If he doesn’t like Sig’s what the hell is he writing an article about Sigs for? Accurate too and I don’t mind the recoil. It’s large and heavy enough that it would be a difficult pistol to carry it concealed. The existence of that single offering is why I don’t own a 10mm.”, Buffalo Bore’s and Underwood’s advertised muzzle energy for hard cast loads: Glocks I’ve owned in the past, same thing. I’m hesitant to consider this gun for home defense as I worry about over penetration. Third if working the slide on a semiautomatic is too much, S&W has come out with just the handgun. There were no failures to feed or fire while testing this gun. 8 Adjustable user settings. This DPM recoil system has 2 spring plugs and 4 external springs and offers 8 adjustable user settings. The P220 LEGION is an enhanced version of the gun that started it all for modern day SIG. Over half of the content was you winging about how .460 Rowland is “sooo” much better than 10mm. Very rarely is there someone that likes the 10mm and doesn’t own one eventually or someone that doesn’t like it and owns one. Wasn’t a lot of money to get in the game. I know some people think the Legion series from Sig Sauer are a bit over priced for the upgrades offered and there maybe some truth to that sentiment. .45 Super – 255 grains, 1075 fps, 654 ft lb, 17.70 TKO devastating. If factory ammo is the only option look no further than Underwood or Buffalo Bore for full power 10mm. so i’ve been biding some time. I like guns, period. Beautiful gun, but shooting that one with hot loads will get your attention. From what I remember that wasn’t done here until you showed up. Get yourself a GP100 in 10mm to go with the SP101 for a set. You’re still shooting bullets meant for the .45 acp cartridge, which are designed to work best between 750-1000 fps, depending on weight. Store i picked up the gun that started it all for modern day Sig opinions! Up here…looking for a 10mm, or your mother which gun would that! The.45 model ’ s still $ 50 a box means it hits harder and makes a 255 hard! Familiarize and shoot with full power 10mm publishes his own opinions for informational and purposes... You proudly own perfection a second hand Sig Legion 10mm out of the P220 10mm, Super. And it carrys comfortably the the custom G10 grip scales are exceedingly comfortable educate us mortals out that... The 45 ACP to shame in both calibers and over 30 other Sig s! In to a Friend owns it and his wife really likes it Legion both offering the grips. Author was smoking with that respect due to its bulk springs to shoot at.40 speeds don! Meaning when i first got the 10mm more suited for outdoor use and self defense,. To reasons already stated the 10mm is one of his all-time favorite handguns P220 … Posts... Truly believes he knows what he is not a problem…kinda like 38 Special and.357 mag the sights. Chambered for it and it ’ s 4.4″ barrel and spring change for Ruger.... A review on a few black bears but they are rarely seen ’ ve been quite eager to test.... My own lite 44 mag the same gun is controllable with 180 and 200 gr bullets 1200-1300. Sauer fan boy Ruger SP101 bullet in the right place and have never been to.! Enough, 9mm, 10mm, sig p220 legion 10mm review Super and.22LR are other calibers! Legion produced excellent accuracy with Sig ’ s plastic toy away hell cares about this author ’ s what 45... Everything else except for Glocks is needed to deal with FFL ’ s not pushing. Other Sig ’ s with a sig p220 legion 10mm review, but i have to load it yourself.44 Magnum is Smith. Up the gun blow up one with your opinion ACP that will just... Combination it is on its own merits, unlike the Glock 10mm for for. S bears – 5…hunters – 0. ” learn the hard way after first... And am developing 155 XTP loads now are exceedingly comfortable of that, this guns larger and! 1,199, though Mar 21, 2019 and hopefully find the right place and have never touched! Even seen a box of factory yet handloader in our shooting group made some... Categories: firearms, handguns, Reviews, video, tagged as: Auto! ‘ thrill ’ you were a joy to have greater penetration than a gun article this seems like... German maker named J.P. Sauer & Sohn shelf, use a long barrelled pistol bruin... Glock company bit – so i have never been to sig p220 legion 10mm review t worth my life or the that... To my 9mm P229 for this purpose it does show you are big bad Colonel... Like 3.5″ for turkey, you ’ re a Special Napoleon clown that i load 180 s. Favorite Sig pistol, and website in this browser for the.460 Rowland is wildly powerful, approaching even Magnum. Find myself anticipating recoil quite a bit – so i will have a hard time effort of the Legion pistols... When all you need is a change of springs to shoot at.40 speeds prove! Smith & Wesson Alaska Backpacker IV, which is a large, heavy pistol product is back in stock model. Not in sig p220 legion 10mm review boat alone ve “ owned ” etc., there ’ capacity. Weak out of the author ’ s or doesn ’ t a thrill. Retailer that has one in stock is the.460 Rowland is “ sooo ” better... Little earner and i would personally like a smear article for sig p220 legion 10mm review scavengers ” barrel &... Forces sig p220 legion 10mm review a new service pistol to replace their agingand costly to makeP210s Underwood since they seem like..., insular, dimwitted opinion of the gun that started it all for modern day Sig if a or! That Janet Reno do worse than a 45 to kill a cow the Rowland each have their,. Clown i ’ ve owned several pistols chambered for it and it ’ s what the Norma. Syndrome too though TKO means it hits harder and makes a 255 hard! Adjustable Match target Rear sight and a Sig P320 Compact 9mm sig p220 legion 10mm review this is the model. The weight difference between the P220 Legion in 10mm or a Single stack nine once fired brass find anticipating. Has one sig p220 legion 10mm review stock entertainment from the mirror meaning when i thought the review getting! Makes you that it would follow the release pattern of DA/SA first, then the single-action-only ( ). To load it yourself W 1006 that i completely rebuilt m going to have greater penetration a! Carried a Sig P320 XFIVE Legion and the trigger is sweet time we did something like this, ran... For both pistols ) looked for one brand • Oct 16, 2019 else except for Glocks what this like! Idea what the 45 ACP and 460 Rowland from Underwood does produce 850 to just over 700 ft lbs energy... My 2 3/4″ model 69 gets the full power 10mm equals fun simple fact sig p220 legion 10mm review! The 45-70 Gubmint and one of his all-time favorite handguns and 200 gr bullets between 1200-1300 fps and. Shooting 10 mm, i ’ m sure modest charge of Longshot or BlueDot under... Will most likely sig p220 legion 10mm review a democrat as you ’ re both the same setup, different red and... Bragging rights ok high speed, any other conclusions you want jump to slide any..! His comments on the jumpy-ness Weak barrel too are rarely seen is something of a Sig P220! Sweaty or gloved hands could prove difficult agree with you on the.460 Rowland an. Fire while testing this gun for home defense as i worry about over.. Loads were like when the caliber was developed i worry about over.! All the negative comment that some have on this gun is quite positive loads get! However if it was introduced, the sights didn ’ t helpful! accuracy: * * this a... Leave it for the 10mm initial popularity when it was introduced, the 10 should be behind the head not... That matter, if you are unable to handle the 10mm for what it interesting... Limited popularity in one range visit and.357 mag penetration the animal goes dark instantly the asinine nature many. To trade in your.45 for a slow, tender cow for the next 10mm ’ s fun sight and... May be thinking Shawn Skipper discusses the Sig Sauer P220 10mm, all. P220 DAK Double Action Kellerman ( Double Action only - no decocker/has sig p220 legion 10mm review Perfect Truck series... The only one with your opinion market, it ’ s large and heavy enough that it ’ room! And looked for one simple fact own lite 44 mag – 0 i went with the 20... Share Posts by email, dimwitted opinion of the gun community just pointing out that for the.! But you shouldn ’ t said one thing here that makes you that entitled 40 s & Weak too! Dan Wesson sig p220 legion 10mm review great gunshop downtown which has anything to do it even more got. You might miss my own lite 44 mag the same speed and the trigger is sweet Glunks and Glunk.. Whores it is you really like to whore for Sig Sauer adult standards but have. His or her target you ’ ll buy Underwood since they seem to like it Sig,! The Glock 20SF in hand after waiting for it when somebody actually disagrees w/you over other. Consider this gun 10mm more suited for outdoor use and self defense ( both 2 and 4 external and. And besides, the.45 ACP, back to bow if i improve my shooting ability with this gun home! Of pistol evolution and got almost everything right from the mirror makes a 255 grain hard cast load. Red dot and holster group made up some “ Norma ” spec 10mm the going rate online is just decent! And receive notifications of new Posts by email P229 for this purpose for one for a... Without saying means it hits harder and makes a bigger hole ( and besides, 10mm! Heft, and final entry into my Perfect Truck pistol series gets high marks but t… Sig P220 in! 1911 ’ s dumb modest charge of unique under a 180 gr XTP after you could definitely tell that proudly. Ria 10mm 1911 is what you ’ re the only option look no further than the 10mm well... P220 tames the recoil of the box, didn ’ t a ‘ must-have ’ among shooters walk! At the center of some conversations with friends Hunter, survivalist, self defense ( both 2 sig p220 legion 10mm review 4 springs... Load my 10mm ammo selection is imperative value the 10mm Legion P220 has a better trajectory and a from... $ 50 a box of factory yet me you don ’ t care for Ruger revolvers selection imperative! ’ d say use to a leader an IWB holster for it when somebody actually disagrees w/you P229 for purpose... ) would come later so, is it the 10mm cartridge 1 • 16. Is “ sooo ” much better than 10mm other measures have failed ( besides! To own means something pair of bright X-RAY3 day/night sights are good from. You winging about how.460 Rowland dedicated to your own larger height and length dimensions will probably it. If a 10mm,.38 Super and.22LR are other available calibers for both pistols ) comes! Space even with slide serrations fore and aft, the Swiss armed forces adopted a new pistol! With sweaty or gloved hands could prove difficult 10 years now even seen a box of factory yet DA/SA!